Noticeable positive difference

Since Lucas has been attending Agape, a noticeable positive difference in his self-esteem was the first thing I noticed. Another immediate milestone was his ability to quickly shift from creative play to fine detail focused tasks. Improved attention span followed. We are very grateful to you and your program at Agape.

Mark A.

San Jose, CA

Learning new things every day

Our daughter, LeAnn, has joined Agape Pre-school since Sept 09 and so far, she enjoys her teacher, her friends, and learning new things every day. Compare to the prior year, she is more attentive and more focus. Also, she loves taking a ballet class with her friends. The major differences I found with Agape Pre- school compare to other pre-school we have checked out is I love the extra services Agape provides, such as the transportation from LeAnn's class to the extended day care, from the day care to her ballet class and to Kids Arts. This is a big convenience to parents. Furthermore, I greatly appreciate the teachers in how they care for our child, taking her in as if she is their own daughter. For instance, I realize from LeAnn that the teachers help her put on sunscreen before she goes outdoor to play. In other schools, you normally do not get this special attention. I have and would recommend Agape Pre-school to any parents.

Hue V.

San Jose, CA

From timid to confident

Justin has been with Agape Preschool for about 2 1⁄2 years. I'm delighted to witness his growth and changes in many areas...from shy to outgoing personality, from timid to confident. He has gained focus in learning and has learned social skills in sharing and in problem-solving. I can also feel that the school is providing a well-rounded curriculum that allows Justin to expose and to develop interests in many new areas and subjects, such as nature, astronomy, and various professions. He has progressed tremendously especially in the area of art (drawing). Additionally, there's a great communication between the parents and the teachers. I thank Bea and Teacher Christine for coming along side of Justin and help him along his developmental path. The teachers' dedication, love, and patience in the school are evident. I have a heartfelt appreciation to Agape Preschool by looking at my child's balanced development in all areas of life, including academics and virtues. Thank you so much!

Jolene H.

San Jose, CA

Loves it from Day One

We are so grateful that God led us to Agape Preschool - Caleb simply loves it so much from Day One. He likes all the teachers and caregivers who are so loving and caring, and he especially adores teacher Bea (look at the big grin on his face when he sees teacher Bea every time). Calebs learned a lot at school - letters, numbers, rhymes, shapes, and so on... He opens up more now that he has some "good buddies" at school. We are very glad to see his changes for better and growth in this loving, fun, and safe environment. Thanks, Agape, and Thank You, Bea! ^o^.

Cherry C.

San Jose, CA


Nice and safe pre-school

Lucas is a happy boy here. He learns a lot of things including English, Math, Arts and social skill... I am glad we find a nice and safe pre-school for him to have his development growth so well. Thank you.

Grace A.

San Jose, CA

  Learned so much in 3 months

I would also like to thank for your great preschool. My son has learned a lot: Mandarin, English, numbers, alphabets, songs, and poems in Mandarin and English...... He didn't know anything about these, I can't believe that he learned so much in 3 months!!

Mei F.

San Jose, CA

  Secure and happy

My daughter loves going to preschool. Her first preschool experience here at Agape has been positive in so many ways. It warms my heart to listen to her sing praises about God around the house and she has taken a greater interest in writing letters. She talks excitedly about the special visitors that come to share their expertise with the preschoolers about their professions. Mostly, I know that she is in good hands and I am confident that she is secure and happy there! Thank you!

Winnie L.

San Jose, CA